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Zero noise extrapolation on logical qubits by scaling the error correction code distance
Misty A. Wahl, Andrea Mari, Nathan Shammah, William J. Zeng, Gokul Subramanian Ravi April 28, 2023. arXiv:2304.14985.

Exact and approximate simulation of large quantum circuits on a single GPU
Daniel Strano, Benn Bollay, Aryan Blaauw, Nathan Shammah, William J. Zeng, Andrea Mari April 28, 2023. arXiv:2304.14969.

Testing platform-independent quantum error mitigation on noisy quantum computers
Vincent Russo, Andrea Mari, Nathan Shammah, Ryan LaRose, William J. Zeng October 13, 2022. arXiv:2210.07194.

Diagnosing quantum chaos with out-of-time-ordered-correlator quasiprobability in the kicked-top model
José Raúl González Alonso, Nathan Shammah, Shahnawaz Ahmed, Franco Nori, Justin Dressel January 22, 2022. arXiv:2201.08175.

Peer-reviewed articles

Automated quantum error mitigation based on probabilistic error reduction
Benjamin McDonough, Andrea Mari, Nathan Shammah, Nathaniel T. Stemen, Misty Wahl, William J. Zeng, Peter P. Orth, 2022 IEEE/ACM Third International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software (QCS). Link arXiv:2210.08611.

Impact of time-correlated noise on zero-noise extrapolation
Kevin Schultz, Ryan LaRose, Andrea Mari, Gregory Quiroz, Nathan Shammah, B. David Clader, William J. Zeng
Phys. Rev. A 106, 052406 (2022). Link arXiv:2201.11792.

Mitiq: A software package for error mitigation on noisy quantum computers
Ryan LaRose, Andrea Mari, Sarah Kaiser, Peter J. Karalekas, Andre A. Alves, Piotr Czarnik, Mohamed El Mandouh, Max H. Gordon, Yousef Hindy, Aaron Robertson, Purva Thakre, Misty Wahl, Danny Samuel, Rahul Mistri, Maxime Tremblay, Nick Gardner, Nathaniel T. Stemen, Nathan Shammah, and William J. Zeng
Quantum 6, 774 (2022). Link arXiv:2009.04417. Documentation:

Pulse-level noisy quantum circuits with QuTiP
Boxi Li, Shahnawaz Ahmed, Sidhant Saraogi, Neill Lambert, Franco Nori, Alex Pitchford, and Nathan Shammah
Quantum 6, 630 (2022). Link arXiv:2105.09902. Documentation:

Pulser: An open-source package for the design of pulse sequences in programmable neutral-atom arrays
Henrique Silvério, Sebastián Grijalva, Constantin Dalyac, Lucas Leclerc, Peter J. Karalekas, Nathan Shammah, Mourad Beji, Louis-Paul Henry, and Loïc Henriet
Quantum 6, 629 (2022). Link arXiv:2104.15044. Documentation:

Extending quantum probabilistic error cancellation by noise scaling
Andrea Mari, Nathan Shammah, and William J. Zeng
Phys. Rev. A 104, 052607 (2021). Link arXiv:2108.02237.

Symmetries and conserved quantities of boundary time crystals in generalized spin models
Giulia Piccitto, Matteo Wauters, Franco Nori, and Nathan Shammah
Physical Review B 104, 014307 (2021). Link arXiv:2101.05710.

Exceptional point and cross-relaxation effect in a hybrid quantum system
Guo-Qiang Zhang, Zhen Chen, Da Xu, Nathan Shammah, Meiyong Liao, Tie-Fu Li, Limin Tong, Shi-Yao Zhu, Franco Nori, and J. Q. You
PRX Quantum 2, 020307 (2021). Link (open access)

Dissipation-induced bistability in the two-photon Dicke model
Louis Garbe, Peregrine Wade, Fabrizio Minganti, Nathan Shammah, Simone Felicetti, and Franco Nori
Scientific Reports 10, 13408 (2020). Link arXiv:1911.11694

Validity of mean-field theory in a dissipative critical system: Liouvillian gap, PT-symmetric antigap and permutational symmetry in the XYZ model
Dolf Huybrechts, Fabrizio Minganti, Franco Nori, Michiel Wouters, and Nathan Shammah
Physical Review B 101, 214302 (2020). Link arXiv:1912.07570

Multielectron Ground State Electroluminescence
Mauro Cirio*, Nathan Shammah*, Neill Lambert, Simone De Liberato, and Franco Nori. *equal contribution.
Physical Review Letters 122, 190403 (2019). Link arXiv:1811.08682

Open quantum systems with local and collective incoherent processes: Efficient numerical simulation using permutational invariance
Nathan Shammah, Shahnawaz Ahmed, Neill Lambert, Simone De Liberato, and Franco Nori
Physical Review A 98, 063815 (2018). Link arXiv:1805.05129 

Superradiance with local phase-breaking effects
Nathan Shammah, Neill Lambert, Franco Nori, and Simone De Liberato
Physical Review A 96, 023863 (2017). Link arXiv:1704.07066

Theory of intersubband resonance fluorescence 
Nathan Shammah and Simone De Liberato
Physical Review B 92, 201402 Rapid Comm. (2015). Link arXiv:1506.07972

Quantifying the nonlinearity of a quantum oscillator
Matteo G.A. Paris, Marco G. Genoni, Nathan Shammah, and Berihu Teklu
Physical Review A 90, 012104 (2014). Link arXiv:1405.0955 

Terahertz emission from ac Stark-split asymmetric intersubband transitions 
Nathan Shammah, Chris C. Phillips, and Simone De Liberato
Physical Review B 89, 235309 (2014). Link arXiv:1404.2326

Conference Proceedings

Terahertz emission from asymmetric, doped quantum wells under resonant pumping 
Nathan Shammah, Chris C. Phillips, and Simone De Liberato
Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 619, 012021 (2015). Link

Proceedings translation

I’ve translated from Italian to English a 1926 paper by E. Bortolotti about the geometric phase for light. This work partly predates Berry’s intuitions. The original article was part of the proceedings of the Italian mathematical society. My English version. Original (kindly provided by Dr. Konstantin Bliokh).

PhD Thesis

Resonance Fluorescence and Superfluorescence of Intersubband Transitions 
Nathan Shammah
University of Southampton, 2016. Link

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