In March 2023 we released the Unitary Fund annual report. It contains an overview of many activities in which I’ve been involved in the past year.

In November 2022 Unitary Fund released the results of the first survey on the quantum open-source software ecosystem. It collected over 1000 responses (including diversity & inclusion) and its an important milestone to understand who codes in “quantum” and what they like.

In Fall 2022 I’ve been invited to present the work performed by the technical staff of Unitary Fund at various institutions in the Chicago area and on the East Coast: at Fermilab; Northwestern University; (a U. Chicago spinoff, now part of Infleqtion), IBM Research NYC, and Harvard University. Slides from my talk at Harvard can be found here. I could also witness a growing support for open-source software at MIT, QuEra (Harvard-MIT spinoff) and at AWS Quantum NYC.

In this preprint we provide the first test on three different quantum processing units of out-of-the-box quantum error mitigation techniques with Mitiq.

In the Summer of 2022 I’ve been able to attend in person two wonderful Summer schools. At the SQMS Summer School in Florence, Italy, I presented an overview of “Quantum Error Mitigation” (slides here). At the Advances in AI Summer school on Lake Como I gave a lecture on “Open-Source Software Development in Quantum Computing” (slides here).

At Unitary Fund we launched Metriq, an online platform for community-driven benchmarks of quantum computing metrics. Read more in this blog post and in the press release.

Unitary Fund’s 2021 annual report is out. The breadth of activities has been growing, as the organization. Growing Unitary Fund’s activities has been the central focus of my endeavors in the past two years: have a look to see what we’ve accomplished and what comes next.

I co-authored two research papers on quantum software published back-to-back in January 2022 in the peer-reviewed journal Quantum. They illustrate the software packages qutip-qip and Pulser. You can read a blog post about them here.

The art-science project Wisdom of uncertainty is a photographic project by Frank Stelitano which I contributed to artistically (generating plots on entropy), as scientific contributor (with a text on entropy) and as scientific advisor. The works has been exhibited at Villa Brivio Dec 15th, 2021 – Jan 31st, 2022, supported by Fondazione Luigi Rossi. Here an article about it.

In this post on the AWS blog, we show how Mitiq, the quantum error mitigation toolkit we are building at Unitary Fund, can be used to reduce errors through Braket on real quantum processors.

Unitary Fund’s 2020 annual report is out (pdf here). You can read more about all the activities I contributed to for the nonprofit organization that is making the quantum tech ecosystem more open and equitable.

I gave a (remote) guest lecture on quantum information science to Waseda University students attending the course of “Introduction to Information Society and Science”.

Our article on PT-symmetric Liouvillian dynamics in the XYZ model has been published in Physical Review B.

I participated in two remote webinars by Le Lab Quantique and QWorld. You can watch the recording of the talk on open source in quantum science (short version here, long version here).

I joined full time the Unitary Fund, a non-profit organization working with open source in the quantum computing ecosystem.

Just before leaving Japan, I gave a talk at the Tokyo Python Society Club.

I gave a talk at the 4th Applied Quantum Mechanics meeting. The slides can be found here.

I gave a talk on open science and open-source software at the Machine Learning Tokyo meetup. You can find the slides here.

I wrote an article about open-source software in science for the Italian online newspaper Linkiesta.

I was invited to Google AI Quantum in Los Angeles, where I gave a seminar on “Cooperative mechanisms in quantum physics and in its open-source community”.

In September 2019, I co-founded the Association of Italian Researchers in Japan (AIRJ) for which I am acting as vice president.

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