Unitary Fund’s 2020 annual report is out (pdf here). You can read more about all the activities I contributed to for the nonprofit organization that is making the quantum tech ecosystem more open and equitable.

I gave a (remote) guest lecture on quantum information science to Waseda University students attending the course of “Introduction to Information Society and Science”.

Our article on PT-symmetric Liouvillian dynamics in the XYZ model has been published in Physical Review B.

I participated in two remote webinars by Le Lab Quantique and QWorld. You can watch the recording of the talk on open source in quantum science (short version here, long version here).

I joined full time the Unitary Fund, a non-profit organization working with open source in the quantum computing ecosystem.

Just before leaving Japan, I gave a talk at the Tokyo Python Society Club.

I gave a talk at the 4th Applied Quantum Mechanics meeting. The slides can be found here.

I gave a talk on open science and open-source software at the Machine Learning Tokyo meetup. You can find the slides here.

I wrote an article about open-source software in science for the Italian online newspaper Linkiesta.

I was invited to Google AI Quantum in Los Angeles, where I gave a seminar on “Cooperative mechanisms in quantum physics and in its open-source community”.

In September 2019, I co-founded the Association of Italian Researchers in Japan (AIRJ) for which I am acting as vice president.

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